Welcome To My Site!

Welcome to my site! So simple! So fast! So cheap! Feeds tons!

As a mother of four boys, cooking on a dime all too often entails quantity over quality. But fear not, if you love great food, don't let your budget cause you to compromise!

Here's the plan: the idea is to post a new recipe every few days, that is gourmet in taste and budget in price! 
You will only find fresh,preservative free food here that any discriminating critic will love!

Thanks for visiting! I love to hear your comments!


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Serving sizes and this sight.....

As many of you have come to realize, I am usually making huge amounts of food and alot of times for more than just my family. However, I would be horrified to think that someone who was living alone, or with only a couple people in their home would feel discouraged about this..
Simply use division for most of these recipes if they are too big. With the exception of baking, which requires a fair amount of science, these recipes can be adjusted and modified with ease! And if you feel stuck, either leave me a comment or email me and I will try to respond to you as soon as I can.
Thanks fellow foodies, hope you eat something yummy today and enjoy the fact that you didn't spend lots of money at a high end restaurant!

Enjoy! I love to hear from you all!

Rebecca Turrigiano


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