Bolognese Sauce for Pasta or Lasagna

 One of my very favorite meals has got to be Spaghetti Bolognese!

This recipe is also the one I use for my Lasagna recipe which is on this site under the Italian Section.

It started out as my mothers recipe and I twigged it a little through the years.... and know am certain you will make it your own too! You can freeze it if you make extra, and I have NEVER seen anyone turn it down when I cook a meal for a friend who has just had a baby or is feeling poorly.

Serves 12

Ingredients for Sauce 

 The sauce is really the important, I cook mine for as LONG as possible, start it one day and turn it off at night, re-heat it the next day... letting all those LOVELY flavors mix and marry..

2 Large cans of diced tomato
3 Large cans of crushed tomato
4 Small cans of tomato paste
7 cloves of garlic-minced
2 onions minced
9 Italian sausages, either hot or mild
5 pds of beef mince/hamburger
Dried Basil
Dried oregano
Crushed red pepper
Olive oil
Stick of butter
1 bottle of drinkable red wine

Preparing the sauce

* In 2 large pots, add a splash of olive oil, turn on medium high
* Keeping in mind you need to break the ingredients in half, add onion and garlic to the pots
* Sautee until soft
* Add half a stick of butter to each pot
* Add hamburger and sausage to brown
* Add spices, like 2 Tbs of each except for the crushed red pepper, only 1/2 teaspoon of that to each pot
* When sausage is cooked, remove from pot and cut in half and then into pieces, throw back into the pots
* Add a glug of red wine to de -glaze the pots
* Add the crushed and diced tomatoes
* Stir in half the bottle of red to each pot
*Add the tomato paste
*Add 1/8 cup of sugar to each pot
*In the cans you have used, fill them with water and add in
*Taste it and if you think you need more spice add it!
*Turn heat on to simmer and cover and leave it stirring every little while
( when you go to bed turn it off and leave it till morning )

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Serving sizes and this sight.....

As many of you have come to realize, I am usually making huge amounts of food and alot of times for more than just my family. However, I would be horrified to think that someone who was living alone, or with only a couple people in their home would feel discouraged about this..
Simply use division for most of these recipes if they are too big. With the exception of baking, which requires a fair amount of science, these recipes can be adjusted and modified with ease! And if you feel stuck, either leave me a comment or email me and I will try to respond to you as soon as I can.
Thanks fellow foodies, hope you eat something yummy today and enjoy the fact that you didn't spend lots of money at a high end restaurant!

Enjoy! I love to hear from you all!

Rebecca Turrigiano


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